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Book List

S.L Name of the books Author
1 Modern Encyclopedia of Disaster and Hazard Management (V-1) B.C Bose
2 Modern Encyclopedia of Disaster and Hazard Management (V-2) B.C Bose
3 Modern Encyclopedia of Disaster and Hazard Management (V-3) B.C Bose
4 Modern Encyclopedia of Disaster and Hazard Management (V-4) B.C Bose
5 Modern Encyclopedia of Disaster and Hazard Management (V-5) B.C Bose
6 Security and Loss Prevention( An Introduction-5th Edition) Philip P. Purpura
7 Arsenic Pollution ( A Global Synthesis) Peter Ravenscroft Hugh Brammer and Keith Richards
8 Disaster Recovery Brenda D Phillips
9 The Indian Ocean (Tsunami) Tad S. Murty U. Aswathanarayna N. Nirupama
10 Disaster Management I Sunder T. Sezhiyan
11 Soil Erosion and Sediment Redistribution in River Catchment (Measurement, Modeling & Management P.N Owens

A.J. Collins

12 Geomatics Soluation for Disaster Management Jonathan Li. Sisi Zlatnova Andrea Fabbri ( Esd.)
13 Macroeconomics Risk Management Against Natural Disaster B.N Rath
14 River Ecology & Management Robert J. Naiman

Robert E. Bilby

15 Sustainable Management of Sediment Resources (Sediment Management at the river basin  scale) PN. Owens
16 Woman Gender and Disaster ( Global Issues & Initiatives) Elaine Enarson P.G. Dhar Chakrabarti
17 Prediction and perception of Natural Hazards J.Nemec

J.M. Nigg


18 Incident Command: Tales from the hot seat Rhona Flin & Kevin Arbuthnot
19 Risk Management and waste Utilities Simon J.T. Pollard
20 Introduction to Homeland security-3rd  edition Jane Bullock

George Haddow

Damon Coppola

Sarp Yeletaysi

21 Earthquake Engineering for structural Design W.F. Chen E.M (Photo Copy)


Biology-8th Edition






23 Earthquake Engineering from Engineering Seismology to performance –Based engineering Yosuf Bozorgnia

Vitelmo V. Bertero

24 Rural Energy for Sustainable Development ( Technology and environmental issues) Pradeep Chaturvedi
25 Health Care Emergency Management Michael J. Reilly

Devid S. Markenson

26 The Ethics of Climate Change James Garvey
27 The Science and Politics of Global climatic Change-2nd Edition Andrew Dessler

Edward A. Parson

28 Disaster Management in Archives, Libraries, and Museums Graham Matthews

Yvonne Smith

Genna knowles

29 Principals of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Michael e. Whitman Herbert J. Mattord
30 Participatory Research Methodologies ( development and post Disaster Methodologies) Alpaslan


Richard Bowd

31 Crisis and Disaster Management Turbulence and Aftermath A.K Mukhopadhyay
32 Applied Fluvial Geomorphology for river Engineering and Management Colin R. Thorne

Rechard D. Hey

Malcolm D. Newson

33 Issues in international climate policy Ekko C. Van Ierland

Joyeeta Gupta

Marcel T.J. Kok

34 Flood Warning forecasting and emergency response Kevin Sene
35 Biology-7th edition Campbell Reece
36 Disaster Management Harsh Gupta
37 A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis AJ Gore
38 Disaster Managent Nikuj Kumar
39 Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Rajdeep Das Gupta
40 Introduction to Emergency Management Gerge D. Haddow

Jane A. Bullock

Demon P. Coppola

41 Applied Geography: Principal and Practice Michael Pacione
42 Protecting Bangladesh from Natural Hazards Dr. A.M. Chowdhury
43 Management in the Fire Service-4th Edition Harry R. Carter, Phd

Erwin Rausch

44 Agricultural Disaster Managent Hugh Brammer
45 Forest Environment and Biodiversity M.P. Singhjk Sing Reena Mohanka R.B Sah
46 Governance and Knowledge Management for Public –Private Partnership Herbert Robinson

Batricia Carrillo


Manju Patel

47 Economics and the Global Environment Charles S. Pearson( Photo copy)
48 Disaster Management (Warning Response and Community relocation) Dr. Amit Awasphy
49 Ground Water Resources and Development in Bangladesh (Background to the Arsenic Environment) A Atik Rahman

Peter Ravenscroft

50 Bioterrorism (A guide for Hospital Preparedness) Joseph R. Masci

M.D Elizabeth Bass

51 Natural Hazard Analysis ( A reducing the impact of Disaster) John C. Pine
52 Geological hazards ( Causes, consequences and Methods of containment) Mu. Ramkumar
53 Emergency repose and hazardous Chemical Management Clyde B. Strong, M.S

T.RICK Irvin, Ph.D

54 The Human Side of Disaster Thomas E. Drabek
55 Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness Anna K. Schwas

Katherine Eschelaback

Daid J.Brower

56 Disaster Management and preparedness Thomas D. Scheid

Larry Collins

57 The Economics Dynamics of the Environmental Laws Driesen (Photo copy)
58 Natural Disasters-7th Edition Patrick L. abbott
59 Disaster Management for Labraries and Archives Matthews


60 Climatic change (a Multidiscipplinary approach) Willium James


61 Gender Justice, Citizenship & Development Matrayee Mukhopadhyay

Navsharan Singh

62 Emergency Medical services and disaster Management PK Dave et al (photo copy)
63 Disaster Management 9Recent approaches) Arvind Kumar
64 Natural Resource Management B.W Pandey
65 Risk Communication ( Ahandbook for Communicating, environmental, safety and Health risks) Regina E. Lundgren

Andrea H. McMakin

66 Natural Disaster and extreme Events in Agriculture M.V.K Sivankumar

M.P. Motha

H.P. Das

67 River Basin Modeling for flood Risk Mitigation Donald W.Knight

Asaad Y. Shamseldin

68 Terrorism and Homeland security-6th Jonathan R.White
69 Conflict and Development Roger Mac Ginty and Andrew Williums
70 Chaos Organization and Disaster Management Alan Kirschenbaum
71 Environmental Hazards ( Assessing risk and reducing disaster) Keith Smith

David N. Petley

72 Exploring Sustainable development Martin Purvis

Alan Garinger

73 Sustainable Rural Development for Disaster Mitigation Dr. Satendra IFS

Prof.Vinpod K. Sharma

74 Disaster Management ( Through the new millennium) Ayaz Ahmad
75 At Risk second edition ( Natural Hazards, People’s vulnerability and disaster) Ben Wisner

Piers Blaikie

Terry Cannon

Ian Davis

76 Emergency Planning Ronald W. Perry

Michael K. Lindell

77 Encyclopedia of Disaster Management Vol1 S.L GOEL
78 Encyclopedia of Disaster Management Vol2 S.L GOEL
79 Combat stress Injury ( Theory, Research and Management) Charles R. Figley

Willium P.Nash

80 Hydrology and the Management of watersheds-3rd  Edition Kenneth N. Brooks

Peter F. Ffolliott

Hans M. Gregersen

Leonard F. DeBano

81 Geomorphological Hazards and Disaster Prevention Irasema Alcantara –Ayala

Andrew Goudie

82 EEcological Based Municipal Land Use Planning Willium B. Honachefsky
83 The Angry Earth ( Disaster in Anthropological Perspective) Anthony Oliver-Smith

Susanna M. Hoffman

84 Risk Management and the Environment Agriculture in Perspective Bruce A. Babcock

Robert W. Fraser

Joseph N. Lekakis

85 Geo-information for Disaster Management Peter Van Oosterom

Siyka Zlatanova

Elfriede M. Fendel

86 Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development Jane Siberstein

Chris Maser

87 The Science and Politics of Global Climate Infrastructure Andrew Dessler

Edward A. Parson

88 Critical Infrastructure Tyson Macaulay
89 Introduction to International Disaster Management Damon P.Coppola
90 Encyclopedia of Disaster Management Vol3 S.L Geier
91 Food Security Policy in Africa Between disaster Relief in Africa Adjustment ( The case of Tanzania) Gabriele Geier
92 Risk Communication ( a mental model approach) M. Granger Morgan

Baruch Fischhoff

Ann Bostrom

Cynthia J. Atman

93 Renewable Energy Sources for Sustainable Development N.S Rathore

N.L Panwar

94 Essentials of Public Health  Management 2nd  edition L. Fleming Fallon, JR Eric J. Zgodzinski
95 Principals of Emergency Planning and Management David Alexander
96 Disaster Management in the Hills Dr. Satendra IFS
97 Disaster Management B. Narayan
98 Economic Valuation of River System Fred J. Hitzhusen ( Photocopy-01)
99 Emergency Management ( Concepts, Strategies for Effective Programs) Lucien G. Canton
100 Introduction to International Disaster Management-2nd Copy Damon P. Coppola


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